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Website Update 2013

  • Wednesday, 2nd October, 2013
  • 19:07pm

Today we have rolled out our new website update.
The latest update includes a responisive design for our clients viewing their account details our website is now more mobile friendly.

Constructive Visual 2013

Updates to "myToolbox" website.

  • Register a FREE account direct from our website.
  • A "Final Signoff" button for projects available online.
  • Order Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Logos and Stationery direct from our website.

You can now purchase a website package direct from our website.

We have released a "News" section to our website that we will be adding articles to improve your website, tips, website code plus tons of Constructive Visual updates and free downloads.

2013/2014 is planned to be a big year for Constructive Visual. We're soon to release our first Wordpress Theme.

We have a dedicated Wordpress Theme section to our website which includes our Free and Premium Wordpress Themes plus support!

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