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Changes To The Constructive Visual Website

  • Monday, 18th April, 2022
  • 14:42pm

We are writing to you to let you know about a few new changes to our Constructive Visual website.

1. Constructive Visual will be separating its billing program from its main website and moving across to (yes, this is correct – no .com in the middle)
2. We will be moving our main website from to

On Thursday 21st April we will make these above changes to our website.

This will be a smooth transition the navigation on our website will remain the same.
We will just be updating the links on our website.

How This Will Affect You?

This will have NO impact on your website or your services with Constructive Visual.
Access to your account with our billing software will now be located at:

Why We Are Making These Changes

1. Emails arriving in inboxes:  We will be using a third-party provider to help with getting a better response of emails landing in our client’s inbox.
2. Hurting our SEO: The way our current billing provider has structured their website is hurting our SEO efforts. As we are in a competitive space and up against SEO providers we need to ensure that our website is doing everything possible to get on the first page of search engines such as Google.
3. Future-focused: As our client base is growing we want to provide the best level of service and this is one part of our strategy to ensure our level of support.

When This Change Will Happen

On Thursday 21st April.

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